Personal Training with Fitzroy Bramble

Training Fees and Training Policy

Here is a list of prices for services offered: Please note that these prices are for training a single person at Today's Fitness Center only. Travelling session fees and Couples training fees will be differrent.  
Personal Training Fees are separate from Today's  Fitness Center  Membership fees.

 Click on Paypal buttons to pay for desired amounts of training sessions.

1 Session: $75.00

2 Sessions: $140.00

3 Sessions: $195.00

4 Sessions: $240.00

10 Training Sessions: $500.00

20 Training Sessions: $900.00


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Training Policy:
Training sessions are paid in advance.. Any number of sessions up to 20, may be purchased.
Credits will be applied to an account when proper notification of  cancellation or postponement is utilized..
Proper Notification is defined as;
Telephone call or recorded message stating time and day of cancellation or postponement of pre-scheduled training session..

Notification of cancellation or postponement of training session must be made at least 4 hours prior to scheduled time, or your account will be charged.

Improper Notification of cancellation or postponement will result in a charge for scheduled session.

Improper Notification is defined as;  No telephone call or reorded message recieved within allotted time..
Client arrives more than 15 minutes after scheduled start time of training session without prior notification..